Tog Studio

Tog Studio is a 'live-build' construction school run by Roots.

'Tog' is a Gaelic word meaning ‘build’, ‘raise’, ‘educate’ and ‘excite’; exactly what we hope to achieve.

The purpose of this event is to offer young architects, engineers, professionals or anyone who is interested in building an opportunity to gain first hand experience on a live construction project.  This is a unique way of learning by doing which has delivered award winning projects and helped to establish a community of past participants who share a passion for building and designing.

Most Tog Studio projects have been a corresponding film that illustrates what it was like to be part of the build.  Click here to see films of the Tog Studio projects.

A timeline of Tog Studio projects can be seen below.


Portfolio Timeline


2016 / 2017   'Four Winds' : The Tog House


  • Winner, Best Small Project, Glasgow Institute of Architects (GIA) Design Awards 2015

  • Winner, Best Low Cost Project, Scottish Design Awards (2015)                                               
  • Winner, Best Use of Timber at Glasgow Institute of Architects (GIA) Design Awards (2014) 
  • Commendation, RIAS/ Zero Waste Scotland Resource Efficiency Award (2015)                                        
  • Shortlisted, Community Benefit, Royal Incorporation of Chartered Surveyors Awards (2015)
  • Shortlisted, My Place Awards, Scottish Civic Trust (2015)

  • Commendation, Best Small Project at GIA Design Awards (2013)
  • Runner-up, Small Engineered Structure of the Year at Timber in Construction Awards (2013) 


  • Winner, Best Small Project at Glasgow Institute of Architects (GIA) Design Awards (2012)
  • Winner, Wood for Good at Glasgow Institute of Architects (GIA) Design Awards (2012)
  • Commendation, Low Cost Project at Scottish Design Awards (2013)