Location: Ashbrook Lifehouse, Edinburgh

Client: The Salvation Army

Type: New Build Garden Pavillion

Completed: April 2013



Industry Sponsorship:

The Sitooterie was the second construction project that we delivered through our 'live-build' construction school Tog Studio.

Click here to see a film of this project under construction.

The Salvation Army asked if we could help them to deliver a sheltered outside space (a Sitooterie) for the residents at their Ashbrook LifeHouse in Edinburgh.  This would be an important multi-purpose feature within the large garden.  It would be built by residents for residents and act as a space to retreat to or socialise in.  

Working on the Sitooterie gives me a purpose to get up in the morning and gives me the self-satisfaction to do a decent days work and see what it comes to.
— Kev Kelly, TSA Ashbrook Lifehouse

Initially a series of design workshops were held between the Tog Studio team and the LifeHouse residents and staff in which design options were discussed and developed. The final structure was designed to be constructed over a 3 day weekend in April by a team of residents working alongside the Tog Studio team.

The structure utilises a prefabricated ply box portal system, which was fabricated with the help of MAKLab. The frames of the structure are supported on simple paving slab footings and are clad in the BSW Rustic Range larch cladding and decking providing a partial enclosed space.   A film documenting the build can be viewed here.

We got a lot from this project and very much enjoyed working with the Salvation Army team!  We would like to thank Malcolm, Alan, Andy, John, Kev and Mario from the Salvation Army for their warm welcome, hard work, friendship and enthusiasm during the build.

The Sitooterie has since been used as a stage for prize giving, a goal for football and a sitting space for outdoor BBQs.

The Sitooterie build has got the guys involved that you wouldn’t normally see out doing anything and its been a really good laugh. I’ve really enjoyed it.
— Andy Tait, TSA Ashbrook Lifehouse