Mialum, Isle of Tiree

Location: Mialum, Isle of Tiree

Client: Richard Ingleby

Type: Extension to traditional Tiree Blacktop House

Status: Completed 2016


Contractor: John MacKinnon Builders (Tiree)

Structural Engineer: Woolgar Hunter (Glasgow)

Photography: Sebb Hathaway



This project was an exercise in making the most of what you've got.

This traditional Tiree Blacktop House had a porch extension that had reached the end of its life and needed to be replaced. Our client was keen that the replacement porch would provide additional space to the limited interior.

In discussion with the client we saw an opportunity to create a new snug hide-away within the attic space of the new porch that would provide the occupants with a sea view.  This move meant that the new porch added to the available space on the first floor as well as the ground floor.

Our design made a conscious effort to match the traditional details of the existing house.  The walls were detailed to have a thicker depth to look more traditional and great care was taken to ensure the proportions of the new roof were sympathetic and complementary to the original.  

The result is a house that looks as though the extension had been conceived as part of the original house design.

It was a pleasure working with Micheal and Lynne on the rebuilding of Mialum’s porch.  

We wanted to keep things simple and they helped us to do that brilliantly. The result preserves the straightforward integrity of the original building whilst giving us the extra space that we needed.

It is an aesthetic and practical triumph.
— Richard Ingleby