Lochan Ban Garden Room

Location: Balevullin, Isle of Tiree

Client: Pearl Brown

Type: Garden Room 

Completed: August 2017

Contractor: CKR Island Construction (Graeme MacColl, Tiree)

Structural Engineer: Cowal Design (Oban)

Photography: Sebb Hathaway

This traditional white house in Balevullin is used frequently by the extended family of our Client.  The only thing it lacks is a view of Balevullin Beach- one of the most photographed views on the island.

We were invited to investigate ways in which the shed to the rear of garage might be replaced with a small garden room where our client can retreat to with a cup of coffee and enjoy a sea view.

Our proposed design is situated on the perimeter of the site and uses two large windows to frame two views; a long portrait view of Ben Hough and a wide landscape view of Balevullin Beach.  In addition to this we have designed a roof-top deck above the new garden room for an elevated panoramic view of the beach. The rooftop deck is fitted with a glazed balustrade for uninterrupted landscape whilst providing shelter from the wind.

The interior of the garden room is inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design, which suits the tastes of our client. The walls were originally to be faced in plywood with a timber floor and exposed joists in the ceiling.

The exterior of the garden room was rendered white on the walls on the boundary walls to match the existing walls.  On the garden side, the garden room has a wall clad in slate, which is the a backdrop to a galvanised steel staircase leading to the roof top.

The Garden Room was constructed at the same time as the Sunroom elsewhere on the site. 


Demolishing a work shed at the back of a garage that had long passed its sell by date was not too difficult a decision to make. But what to use the space for?  I knew I wanted to possibly take advantage of raising the site to view the beach and I also wanted a wonderful view of the sun setting to the north in the summer over the Outer Isles. 

What to do – bring in Roots Architecture and the design from Lynne and Micheal.  They soon designed a lovely space together with a glass surround balcony on the roof. 

Their understanding and architectural expertise soon came up with a design that yes is new in Balevullin Beach, but also sympathetic to the environment.  Their knowledge of what would be accepted by the planners and what would fit in with the environment is excellent.  I am so pleased with the outcome.  Together with Graeme MacColl (CKR Island Construction) they have given our home in Balevullin a new lease of life with the two projects that have been completed.

We now can see the beach well and the summer sunset too from this project and it might just be used for something more than a coffee?
— Pearl Brown