2016: Tog House, Cladding Week

'Building a home'- this film made by Sebb Hathaway showing the Tog House during Cladding week in August 2016. The film illustrates the sights and sounds of island life during the build and the practical challenges taken on by the Tog participants.


The highlight of the week was to learning how to install slate cladding. We were fortunate to have assistance from technical experts from  Cupa Pizarras & Burton Roofing showing us how its done! 


For the latest images of the Tog House please visit our Instagram or Twitter feeds.

Title: 'a 'togail dachaigh ur | building a home'

Duration: 20 min

Filming date: August 2016

Film Maker: Sebb Hathaway

Project Sponsors:


2016: Tog House, Timber Frame Construction

This is the story of the early stages of the first Tog House, as told by Tiree filmmaker Jack Lockhart and the 24 participants, and returning Tog fellows who travelled to the island to get involved. The film explains the background to the house building project and the timber frame we constructed during a fortnight in June 2016.


For the latest images of the Tog House please visit our Instagram or Twitter feeds.

Title: 'The Tog House'

Duration: 8 min

Filming date: June 2016

Film Maker: Jack Lockhart

Project Sponsors: 


2014: The Noust Boathouse, Phase 2, Tiree

'Building Shelter' is a full-length film made by Sebb Hathaway. This shows what it was like to attend Tog 2014 and build the Boathouse. Sebb consciously chose to only use sounds recorded around the site and island, which has beautifully captured the atmosphere of this special week.

Title: 'a'togail fasgadh | building shelter'

Duration: 19 min

Filming date: June 2014

Film Maker:  Sebb Hathaway

Project Sponsors: 


2013: The Noust Boathouse, Phase 1, Tiree

A documentary made by The Edinburgh Film Company showing how the Boathouse was delivered. This shows the process of creating an innovative building in collaboration with RusswoodMarley Eternitthe MAKLab and a team of architecture and engineering students on the Isle of Tiree in just one week. Tog Studio would like to thank Luke and Simon at TEFC for another excellent film - they really are part of the team. The project was funded by the Tiree Community Windfall Fund for the Tiree Maritime Trust. Fixings were generously donated by  SPAX and Hilti.



Title: 'The Boathouse'

Duration: 9 min

Filming date: June 2013

Film Maker: The Edinburgh Film Company

Project Sponsors: 

A short film made by Tog 2013 participant Sebb Hathaway showing the Boathouse under construction. Sebb's delicate piece of work is a testament to the quality of participants who attend Tog summer schools. And if you thought his film-making skills were good then wait until you see him working on a roof!

Title: 'Tog 2013'

Duration: 2 min

Filming date: June 2013

Film Maker: Sebb Hathaway



2013: The Sitooterie, Edinburgh

A documentary made by  showing the Sitooterie under construction. This shows the Tog team and Salvation Army service users busy working in the MAKLab and on-site at the Ashbrook Lifehouse in Edinburgh. Tog Studio would like to thank Luke and Simon at TEFC for capturing the positivity which surrounded the project with such skill.

Title: 'The Sitooterie'

Duration: 4 min

Filming date: April 2013

Film Maker: The Edinburgh Film Company

Project Sponsors: 


2012: The Lighthouse, Isle of Tiree

A documentary made by Martin Glegg showing how the Lighthouse was built. This featured at the New York Architecture and Design Film Festival 2012

Title: 'The Lighthouse'

Duration: 11 min

Filming date: July 2012

Film Maker: Martin Glegg

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