Sandaig Thatched Terrace

Location: Sandaig, Isle of Tiree

Clients: Private

Type: Renovation

Status: Under Construction


Contractor: CKR Island Construction (Graeme MacColl, Tiree)

Structural Engineer: David Narro Associates



The thatched terrace in Sandaig is a local landmark on Tiree.  Formerly a museum, it is the only thatched terrace on the island.  

The terrace is situated on the West Coast of the island where it is one of the first buildings to stand in the way of severe weather that makes landfall off the Atlantic.  As a result this Category B Listed Building has suffered great deterioration to its fabric during the time it has lain vacant, to the extent that the now derelict building requires substantial renovation work to bring it back into use.

At the time Roots were appointed to by the new owners, the thatched roof had become so neglected that the skeletal structure of the timbers below were clearly visible and the damage caused required the full roof to be replaced.  

Roots have gained permission for the property to be converted to a unique island home.  

Construction work has commenced on site and new thatch has arrived on the island- stay tuned for project updates in our news section and social media feed.