Community Land Ownership 

Location: Isle of Tiree

Clients: CLO Steering Group & Tiree Community Development Trust

Type: Options Appraisal

Completed: 2015

In 2015 Roots conducted an Options Appraisal on behalf of the community of Tiree to evaluate different land options on the island would be viable for purchase by a community body.

As the number of precedents for successful community land buyout projects were increasing, such as those on the Isles of Eigg and Lewis, it became important for the community of Tiree to consider the possibilities for what community projects might be possible if more land was owned by the community.

At the time, new crofting and community 'right to buy' legislation had empowered community groups to activate underused or neglected local land with potential for development.

This complicated and exceedingly politically sensitive research project took place in collaboration with community volunteers on the CLO Steering Group and Tiree Community Development Trust.  

The process required a grass roots investigation of landownership on the island given the absence of an accessible land database or directory.  Analysis was carried out into the many ways in which land and existing property could be considered valuable; from its biodiversity to its potential to support self build homes and new industry that would help to boost the resident population and economy.  This information was presented within an extensive SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis of different categories of land that could be bought with the support of the legislation.  This served to help the community weigh up the potential of different portions of land and challenges that could be barriers to development.

The outcome of this process was a report drawn up by Roots that contained a list of analysed land options which the community could choose to investigate further through a feasibility study as part of a due diligence process that may lead to a land purchase. 

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